Sunday, May 6, 2012

In desperate need of a hot chocolate after this...

I've just got back from a bike ride that I did with 4 other members of my form at school and about 4 adults in aid of the Stroke Association. We cycled around 16 miles going into each of the 12 parishes in Jersey, and let me tell it, I am so fricken sore it's unbelievable.

Every time that we stopped for a break, it was even harder to get going as the saddle became more and more uncomfortable and my legs just started to seize up and become useless floppy things...

The only reason I carried on and did the whole thing is the fact that my dad had a stroke when I was younger, so I know that its a really good cause.

But I have to mention my form tutor, Mr Barnett, and his friend whole also joined us today, Dr Payne (I know, its funny), as in September they are cycling along with around 120 other people from London to Paris in 4 days. I think they're mad men for doing it, but it's in aid of the stroke association, and we did this so that we could help him raise the £1,500 he needs in order to do the bike ride.

He has a website so its easier to donate money, not too sure what it is at the moment, so when I see hime next I'll ask and put it on here incase you would like to donate.
The picture at the top is all of us who finished, we started around 9:15 and finished around 2:45, we may look a bit ragged, but you can't blame us we've just finished cycling 16 miles, some of it in the rain... and that's my form tutor in the middle, I don't really know what to say to be honest...

ox steff xo