Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'VE FINISHED MY GCSEs!!!!!! (Well, I did a few weeks ago now, but I have completely finished compulsory education). It's a great feeling, but I seriously have no idea what to do for the next 10 weeks...I need to get a hobby of some sort.

Anyway, prom was last night and it seems as though I've been preparing for it for ages, but as if it was over really quickly. I ordered my dress in January, booked my makeup and nails in April, hair beginning of the year, got jewellery a month before and bought the flowers for my hair the day before.... So maybe I wasn't completely organised, but GCSEs were A LOT of hard work okay?

Don't get me wrong though, prom was really good. It was amazing to see everyone dressed up and having a great time after all the stresses that exams bring. Also, the sweetest, kindest, most amazing and hilarious girl won Prom Queen, and you could tell that everyone was so happy for her. (Also, it's great to see someone so humble and down to earth to win Prom Queen and not your stereotypical barbie doll).

The picture at the top is one of me (blue dress), my sister (purple dress) and our friend (green dress), we went round to our friends house before prom for pictures, as she lives in the most AMAZING house with the most AMAZING garden, and seeming as our house isn't the most "exotic" it was great to go somewhere that felt like luxury. Also, the three of us turned up to prom together, in a BMW that our friend's dad ordered on the Monday before prom, and received on the day of. Just a little extra information, THE CAR IS OUT NEXT YEAR. Don't ask me how he bought it, but I take it he's quite an important guy.

But overall, prom was amazing and I kept my hair together until BLINK 182 CAME ON.... Then of course I lost control and allowed my hair to flow free. (It was all the small things that came on, so obviously that is permission to loose control and act like a seal on fire in the middle of the dance floor).

So seeming that it's 2:08am I am going to finish writing this and try and get some sleep (I swear my ears are still ringing from Friday night...)

Sweet Dreams,
steff xo

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Incase you're feeling a little generous...

So here is the web link for the page to sponsor my form tutor if you would like to help out an amazing cause. He is cycling from London to Paris in 4 days for the stroke association.

I'm sure you can agree that its an amazing cause, my dad suffered a stroke when I was younger, so I know what a worth while cause it is. For the sponsored bike ride that I took part in on Sunday, I raised £47.50, only a fraction of the £1,500 that my form tutor has to raise. But if you can spare anything what-so-ever, no matter how small, all is appreciated.

To sponsor him all you have to do is click on the link below, click on the banner saying 'Donate' and follow the simple steps...

Thank you,
s xx

Sunday, May 6, 2012

In desperate need of a hot chocolate after this...

I've just got back from a bike ride that I did with 4 other members of my form at school and about 4 adults in aid of the Stroke Association. We cycled around 16 miles going into each of the 12 parishes in Jersey, and let me tell it, I am so fricken sore it's unbelievable.

Every time that we stopped for a break, it was even harder to get going as the saddle became more and more uncomfortable and my legs just started to seize up and become useless floppy things...

The only reason I carried on and did the whole thing is the fact that my dad had a stroke when I was younger, so I know that its a really good cause.

But I have to mention my form tutor, Mr Barnett, and his friend whole also joined us today, Dr Payne (I know, its funny), as in September they are cycling along with around 120 other people from London to Paris in 4 days. I think they're mad men for doing it, but it's in aid of the stroke association, and we did this so that we could help him raise the £1,500 he needs in order to do the bike ride.

He has a website so its easier to donate money, not too sure what it is at the moment, so when I see hime next I'll ask and put it on here incase you would like to donate.
The picture at the top is all of us who finished, we started around 9:15 and finished around 2:45, we may look a bit ragged, but you can't blame us we've just finished cycling 16 miles, some of it in the rain... and that's my form tutor in the middle, I don't really know what to say to be honest...

ox steff xo

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A+E, Frozen Peas and Electric Guitars

Last night I was at netball playing for my team 'Accies', it was the final quarter and the game was soon to be over. I had been playing Wing Defence and I was determined to try and get at least one interception at the centre pass, and as I hadn't so far, I really wanted to ball (no innuendo intended).
So, as the whistle blew I ran out to try and get the ball, and as I did the little leap/jump thing that you're meant to do, I landed on my right foot but in a bad way. A shock of pain raced up my leg and I felt my ankle completely give way on me, which lead me to hold onto the closest person near me and try and balance on my left leg. Luckily I was near the side line where my team was and my team captain majestically carried me off the court (my knight[ess] in shinning armour!). I sat down on the chair and I had  jumpers thrown on me to make sure that I stayed warm and in the heat of the moment to get an ice pack, our team coach/helper burst it with her nail. But on the bright side is was cold enough to numb a bit of the pain and to be honest I didn't care how wet I got, I just wanted the pain to go away.

If you have ever landed badly on your ankle then you know what it feels like to be completely stuck, not being able to put any weight on it at all and to just feel completely shaken by the whole experience.

Luckily (sort of), two weeks before lasts night match, the other Steff in our team also sprained her ankle (we swear the name is cursed), so when the match ended and mum brought the car round to the door, I was carried to the door of the car in one of those queen chair lifts. I have to admit looking back on it, that part was quite fun, as I hadn't had one of those things since primary school.

So mum quickly drove back home (in the speed limit if any speed/traffic person is reading) and my sister jumped on her bike to follow us down to A+E, which luckily is about a minute's drive from our house. And as there is no traffic on the roads at around 10:45pm it was plain sailing (well, driving...but you know what I mean).

As I was queen chair carried into A+E by my dear sister and lovely mum, (I have to mention that I was still crying and gasping from the pain), I got placed on a chair, with my legs up on the adjacent seats. I prepared myself for a long night, as from previous trips to A+E had lasted up to 3 hours... Luckily, as I quickly glanced around, there weren't that many people there, and it was mainly babies and little children, but no one who was crying and looked in pain like I was. But I do feel sorry for those people, because as soon as we walked/carried in, I heard some people groan. I know what its like when you have been waiting for a long time and then some annoying bugger strides in with a massive injury... it's disheartening.

However, I just had to wait about 20 minutes to be called in. However, mum said that I couldn't walk, so along came the wheelchair... I have to admit that I get embarrassed very easily, so being carried into A+E in the first place wasn't good for me, I kept my head down for most of the wait; so when I had to get into a wheelchair I went bright red and didn't know what to do.

Although, saying that I was lucky to have a really nice nurse and doctor who both helped diagnose the problem with my ankle quickly and gave me exercises to do and tips and all that useful stuff.

So today I was ordered to take the day off school and rest with my ankle in line with my hip, and to walk short distances without hurting it too much. Thus bring in the bag of frozen bag of peas! They are a saviour and the painkillers have really helped as well.

However, I was told that it would take up to 6 weeks for my ankle to fully heal which isn't good... not now anyway. I have my final GCSE Drama examination (which is a dance piece) coming up in under 3 weeks, along with a dance show starting the same time, and also a school trip to Pisa in 2 weeks... So I am making sure that this ankle is better in 1 week!

So far, it is a lot easier to walk and I can feel it getting better (if that makes sense). So I will hopefully almost be able to dance for the 10am-4pm drama rehearsal at school on Sunday. If not my drama teacher will absolutely kill me, especially as the piece I'm in revolves around how well I can move. The only positive thing is that I am playing Adam (out of Adam and Eve) and I think I know how to portray the painful part of when my rib gets torn out of me...

So to try and take my mind of the painful bugger that is my ankle, i have been looking at electric guitars on amazon. I have been wanting to learn how to play for ages, and I even tried to teach myself acoustic a few years ago, but ti no success... But my mum and dad are looking into lessons, and as I start working on April 7th, I will be able to pay for it myself. I'm not entirely sure if my mum knows how serious I am about learning how to play, but if I'm allowed then hopefully she will see. I think guitar appeals to me as the music I listen to relies heavily on the sounds of the guitar, and listening to the riffs that are played makes me want to be able to actually play some of the songs. I know that it will take me ages to get to an average standard, but I know that this is something that I will enjoy and want to carry on for the rest of my life. Someday, if I could play one riff as well as Brian May can, then I will be one of the happiest people alive.

ox steff xo

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Bucket List

People have bucket lists. You know, things that you want to do before kick the old bucket and pass onto the next world. Jesus, even Karl Pilkington had one!

Many people put things like go bungie jumping, go swimming with dolphins, go on safari on theirs. But mime, mime is quite simplistic in my eyes. All I want to do is see my two favourite bands live, hopefully e at the front row and have a good f***king time while I'm there.

I have been re-watching some of my favourite clips on Youtube over the weekend, at each time I do, I am brought over with the constant fear that I may never get to experience seeing them live. f you know me well, then you know I am talking about My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds to Mars. And honestly, if you judge me for the music I like then you have no idea why i love them so much. Its not just the music, its everything that they stand for. Be yourself. Don't take anyone's shit. You don't have to change yourself for anyone. You are worth happiness no matter what you think. But what makes me love these two bands so much is the fact that I could be in the worst possible place, but if I listen to their music, I completely change and almost instantly see the light.

I know that some people won't understand and won't get how music can do this too me. But some lyrics can change a person's mood, and when sung with such emotion- especially when you know that that person has been through so much pain and hurt- I know that I'm not alone.

I will post a video of each band live that I have watched so many times over the weekend, so please, enjoy...

My Chemical Romance Live at Reading 2011, Planetary (Go!)

30 Seconds to Mars Live (Concert Montage)


Can I just state that when I watched MCR live at Reading last summer on the TV I  started welling up and a tear fell when I couldn't be on that front row... I'll get there someday though, just you watch me...

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Thing 1 = Hydro-Fit

You know they say try everything once? Well I don't know who they are, but I would like to meet them and give them one huge high five. I have been trying to say yes to most things this year- you know, new year new you and all that stuff- so I have tried to be positive and have a laugh and not be afraid to make a fool out of myself.

This started last week when my mum asked me if I wanted to go to 'hydro-fit', it's basically water aerobics with floats attached to your feet and webbed gloves. It might sound stupid, but I just laughed for the whole hour. And I think that it actually worked... my legs felt like jelly afterwards and my arms ached quite a bit the next day- so it must have done something beneficial.

So I have decided that each week I am going to try something new, wether its food, an activity, maybe even a new routine of some sort! But I will put it on here of what I have trued that is new, so I can make a virtual checklist and if you try anything new then don't be afraid to comment, I would love to know and I might even try it myself to expand my list even further...


P.S I chose the picture at the top as I think it sums up pretty clearly that if you don't step out of your comfort zone, then you don't get to experience some of the better/funner things in life!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Go ahead, call me 4 eyes, I dare you...

Today I finally got my glasses. I'm not one of those people that are blind as a bat without them, I just need them for reading and stuff.

So I can finally say that I am a proud member of the 4 Eyes Club, and it feels great- even if you don't need glasses I suggest you go and buy a pair because I feel about 23% cleverer when I put them on... don't know why, I just do...


Monday, February 13, 2012

Dave Grohl for President

What more is there to say? I know I don't live in the States, but I would really consider it if this man was in charge. Can you imagine what America would be like?- They would truly rock...



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

London and Thunder

Thought that I would post a little thing before I go to London tomorrow with the school for a drama trip. I am really excited and I can't wait to see War Horse, Matilda the Musical, Blood Brothers the Musical and One Man Two Guvnors' (I think that's how you spell it...) this weekend.

I will post some pictures and things like that when I get back, and write a little something and all that. But I just thought that I would say that at this precise moment I am watching Tropic Thunder, a film that I love and haven't seen in ages. If you ever see it on TV then I suggest you watch it- Tom Cruise is amazing in it, so I will post a little video of one of his scenes that I love, and trust me, he is unrecognisable...  (warning, the song in the video is quite rude, so maybe put some headphones on or just watch it on mute if you a younger sibling or a elderly relative wandering around)- Tom Cruise Dance, Tropic Thunder


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Video of the mid-week

I know that it's a bit late for last week, so this is my video of the mid-week. I remember watching this when it was actually on TV, and just saw it again tonight. So I thought that I would share with you my video of the mid-week which is Russell Brand's Pantomime Prank Call on the Graham Norton Show.

Basically, Graham Norton challenges Russell Brand to phone a sex line pretending to be Aladdin and the result is quite funny. Also, the picture might mean something different to you after you watch the video... That's all I'm saying...

Beware, this does contain adult humour and a few Pantomime innuendoes... You have been warned!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Happy Duck

I promise that I'll post properly soon. But for now, here is a picture of a happy duck...


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When all else fails, use scented candles...

Candles in our 'bathroom'
So the light in our bathroom has decided to stop working for the past few days, resulting in us lighting loads of candles so that we can brush our teeth.

But don't get me wrong, I love the fact that every time that I now enter our bathroom, I am hit with loads of different fragrances- I get all relaxed and stuff like that. It's just that when you are trying to take a shower, fire and water don't really mix and you have to watch out so that you don't incinerate your hair while you are on the loo.

But other than that, I have taken this chance to perfect my match lighting skills and to use the candles that I got given for my birthday in a pamper kit. I did want to take a picture for you, but my camera has decided to be an annoying little bugger, so I'll get a picture off google instead of what our bathroom sort of looks like...


Monday, January 16, 2012

Video of the Week

This week I have chosen the latest single from MCR. They have just released the music video to their song 'The Kids from Yesterday', a song that almost has me in tears every time I listen to it. Just listen to the lyrics and you will understand.

I don't want  to say too much and ruin it, so I'll put a link to their blog where Frank Iero has written a little something with the video.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Here is my video of the week The Kids from Yesterday, MCR


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Video of the Week

This week I thought I would pick a music video that whenever I watch it makes me laugh so much it actually hurts. This week I have picked Foo Fighters, Walk Official Music Video, as my video of the week. I know that it has been out for a while, but this video has to be one of my favourites, especially as they take the piss out of Bieber at the beginning.

Also, if you have never seen this video before, then shame on you- now is your chance to watch it and see what you have missed out on- the Foo Fighters are a huge pile of epicness and are truly one of my favourite rock bands. I love the fact that they believe in good old fashioned rock, and their most recent album 'Wasting Lights' was recorded in Dave Grohl's garage using analogue equipment, which gives the album that original sound. And as they used no computers to record the album, what you hear on the CD is exactly what you get on the stage- now lets hope that I will actually be able to see them perform live one day to put this to the test!

So please enjoy my video of the week, and if you learn one thing from it, I hope that it's you know to never piss off Dave Grohl- he has epic ninja skills (watch the video to understand the joke...)


Monday, January 2, 2012

Food, Fireworks and Fezzes

Just thought that I would drop a little note saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I did write a Christmas post when I was in Egypt on Christmas day, but for some reason the connection got lost and then blogger froze on me- which is a bit of a pain, but it basically said MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

So, it's the 2nd of January 2012 and we haven't been killed by flying meteorites or the world imploding- a pretty good start if I do say so myself. I spent New Years this year at my Gran's house. I know, it may sound a bit sad, but when you have family, good company, good food and about £350 worth of fireworks, it is a hell lot of fun. So I will post a few pictures from the night just so that you can all see what I got up to...

A firework in Gran's back garden
We were whipping our fezzes back and forth like an Egyptian Willow Smith

Me with a GIANT party popper


Cheeky bit of early morning wii dancing
I hope that 2012 is good to you all and that we can survive to see 2013 without being blown to smithereens and have to leg it all the way to China to ride giant metal arcs! 


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Video of the Week

Sorry, I will post some more things soon, but I thought that I would post a Christmas themed video of the week- even though Christmas is sadly all over for yet another year.

So please enjoy my video of the week, which is My Chemical Romance, performing on the Children's TV show 'Yo Gaba Gaba', with Every Snowflake's Different. And to everyone who thinks that MCR is emo- watch this and think again.

I LOVE THIS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! Just look at Frank Iero's smile at the end, it's epic- he's the one in purple playing the guitar.

I hope that the New Year is good to you all, and that this video will bring you into 2012 with one massive smile (just like Frank's) :D