Friday, November 25, 2011

Video of the Week

All I seem to be doing every time I post (correction- when I find time to post) is apologising. I am sorry that I have been a rubbish blogger for the past few weeks, and the annoying thing is I have soooo much to post about, mainly my Gran's 80th, my 16th (including my a-ma-ziiiiing present), A-Levels, the school production, falling over, murder, origami, my growing tetris addiction and a new shop (which remain nameless) that has recently opened in Jersey- and I have a little rant about it as well, just for your entertainment.

So the only thing that I have remained faithful to on here is my video of the week, so without further ado my video of the week this week is 'Cats Running on a Treadmill'. I don't know why, it just makes me laugh. But you have to admire their determination, and just watch how fast their little legs move!

To watch it this week, just click on this link; Cats Running on a Treadmill


P.S- The photo is just me with a chocolate face- my idea of heaven ;)

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