Friday, December 23, 2011

The Land of Pyramids, Day 1

As I sit here typing this, I am currently in a gorgeous hotel lobby, with a card that allows me to have free drinks and I have just finished tanning and going for a swim in the 30 degrees pool. I can tell you this, I am sure that this Christmas in Egypt will be one of the best that I have celebrated so far.

The plane over was about 5 hours long, so it was a bit tedious, but good old doodle jump and my trusty iPod kept me company for the journey- I also got a new high score, it's something like 39,724! Throughout the journey we flew over many countries and islands, and we saw beautiful snow covered mountains and just the most amazing views, and as my dad ordered me, I took many pictures. However, when the plane started to descend we flew over the most magnificent orange deserts and mountains, they were spectacular. I definitely took enough pictures of the orange rocks, so I will post one for you.

However, as my dad unfortunately fell over the day before we left, he has been having to walk using a walking stick, and he has had many wheelchair and buggy rides in the airport. So as he was in a wheel chair, we have been able to skip all the baggage queues and things like that. Also, when we arrived in Sharm El Sheikh, we got to go in the ambi-lift, as my dad couldn't climb down the stairs. But oh my God, during that 1 and a half minute ride, me and my mum couldn't stop laughing! The driver must have been having a bad day, as all he was doing was shouting at people, hooting his horn, over taking everyone and as we were standing up and just holding onto a rope, it was quite hard not to fall over.

After the ambi-lift experience my dad got into another wheelchair and of you are planning on going to Sharm El Sheikh anytime soon, just a little warning- there is seriously no health and safety. For example, as the guy helping my dad was trying to get us to our designated coach as quickly as possible, my mum was told to poke her head through the flap of the conveyor belt and point out to the man which suitcases were ours. Then he would chuck them on the belt and we would pick them up. But as he was just literally chucking the suitcases on the conveyor belt, all of the suitcases were piling up where the end of the belt was, causing a massive pile up of suitcases ending out with all of them going on the floor. Honestly, they were all just on the floor and there was no one there to do anything about it. All I could do was laugh s I just found it so god damn funny!

After our chaotic experience at the airport, it was nice to be greeted by drummers, flower garland and iced tea at the hotel. We are staying at the 'Baron Resort' and so far it has been really good. Apart from the fact that when I had a hair wash after swimming toady, the shower sort of leaked and there was a mini flood in the bathroom. But that's fine! The fact that we are on all inclusive makes up for it. We can go anywhere we want in the hotel and order food and drinks for free- all we need to do is show the card and that's it. But of we loose the card we have to pay $100- that's US dollars, so there is no way in hell that I am letting that little card out of my sight.

So I am about to go to dinner now, so I will just post some pictures from the plane, including one of me and my dad just trying to kill some time on photobooth. If I don't write anything tomorrow then MERRY CHRISTMAS! I will be at a Christmas Eve Gala in one of  the neighbouring hotels, so that promises to be quite good- all I need is tasty food and I'm sorted.



  1. Steff that sounds bloody amazing, you're so lucky!! Have a lovely time and say happy christmas to the fam, see you soon (please don't come back too tanned ;)) xxx

  2. Thanks my dear, I hope that you had a great Christmas and New Year- and you might just have to grim and bear my sort-of-tannedness for the following weeks ;) xoxo