Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snacks Galore

I had the cutest little surprise from my Auntie Di today. She brought me and my family a haloween cupcake each (the one in the picture). I had mine after tea tonight and it was delicious. It had rich chocolate butter icing on top, with a really tasty orange pumpkin on top of that. I'm not sure what the pumpkin was made out of, but it was my favourite part. However, the cake itself, was a lovely chocolaty muffin sort of mixture. I love it when I recieve unexpected gifts, especially when they taste so good.

Take today for example, I haven't exactly had the best day (a few people have decided to upset me and I'm not really sure why). However, my darling of a mum knew this, and so when she went to Waitrose this afternoon-other supermarkets are avialable- she bought me back a pack of dried mango- my absolute favourite snack- and to top it off she also bought me a little tub of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream! I was beside myself. I have almost finished the whole pack of mango, and I am saving the other half of the ice cream for tomorrow night. It can be my X Factor ice cream.

So today has been a day of ups and downs for me, but it is on the up now, as I went supermarket deal hunting with my Uncle and picked up a lobster from Waitrose for a fiver! I can't wait to have it for lunch tomorrow, I have never tried it before- I'll take a picture of it for you, don't worry.


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