Sunday, September 18, 2011

Someone invent a time machine please

'Give up' is a phrase I don't really like. I know I do it a lot, but I prefer to use other words. I know when things get hard it may look like I seem to take the easy way out, but sometimes I know that it's for the best.

We learnt about something called utilitarianism a few years ago, and it helps you make the right decision using different methods. I think I might tend to use this as an excuse to stop when the going gets tough, but I don't feel bad afterwards. People always tell me that I will regret things, but I don't. I just tend to learn from the mistakes that I have made. After all, it's the only thing you can really do can't you? Well, unless you have a time machine and all that. However, sometimes I don't regret things that people think I should. I'm not sure if that makes me a bad person or anything, but I think I pretty much know what I'm doing most of the time. And even if I don't, I think I'll be alright if I 'go with the flow'. I don't need to make things perfect all the time. I'm only human anyway.

On a different note, I have finally ordered the albums that I have been wanting to get for a while. They're meant to arrive within 3-5 working days, so I'll take a picture of them when they arrive. I know that they have been out for a while, but I have sort of just got into this music in the summer after watching the band perform at Reading. I have always known of the band, but I only listened to their music when it was on the radio and I actually really like their stuff. My sister says that I am getting obsessed with them, but when you like a band, you want to watch their music videos and stuff.

I know that I've written a load of rubbish today, it might not make that much sense. But in my defense I was up at 6:30 and I did walk for 3 hours today in the rain...The things I'll do for charity.


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